JKS and Shotokan Karate

According to our founder Master Tetsuhiko Asai — N.P.O. Japan Karate Shoto-renmei (JKS) was organised in 2000 in response to the requirements of the 21st Century. JKS is a Shotokan-based style of Karate, and emphasizes a balanced development of speed, strength, and range of techniques for every part of one’s body to enable it to move like a whip.

 The practice of JKS Karate is

  • Great for almost all ages
  • Great for the whole family to do together
  • Applicable to self-defence situations

 It allows you to:

  • Build confidence and self-control
  • Develop fast reflexes
  • Learn the basic principles of progressive goal setting and reaching those goals
  • Learn how to avoid getting involved in physical confrontations
  • Keep in shape while having fun

 The solid, physical training required to reach a high skill level in Karate promotes good overall health, fitness, and well-being. The required concentration, commitment, and dedication, helps build strength, confidence, and determination in the practitioner.

 Christchurch South Karate Club  aims to provide the highest and most advanced level of progressive Shotokan karate training. We strive to be a professional, politics-free organisation; but at the same time, an internationally recognised and certified organisation for both our students and instructors through standardized certification programs and examinations.

 Our Mission is to:

  • Bring out the best in each member through exciting and safe (non-contact) work-outs by well-trained and enthusiastic instructors.
  • Teach traditional Shotokan Karate-do from Japan at the highest level of skills and technique
  • Provide a friendly, encouraging, and helpful atmosphere for learning.

 Christchurch South Karate Club  adheres to the principles of Dojo Kun (precepts) by teaching and developing honesty, integrity, sincerity and mutual respect among the members.